Workers Insurance

In addition to the conditions required by the ministry of Labor, the Insurance is extended to include:

    - Suicide Cases (in life policies).

    - Unlimited Doctor’s visits in the company’s clinics.

(Free delivery in Lebanon)

The cover may be extended for an additional premium to include Runaway of the worker or housekeeper as well as indemnifying the employer for non - agreement.


Housekeepers And Workers Policies.

Life & Health

Life & Health Insurance Life Insurance Protects the People and Things You Love.


Marine insurance is actually transportation insurance.

Fire & Burglary

Construction - Contents - Owner's liability - Neighbor recourse - Loss of profit - Architect fees – Others.


Two main types of contracts -Homeowner's and Commercial- have been developed to insure against loss from accidental destruction of property.


Liability insurance arises mainly from the operation of the law of negligence.


Pet Insurance pays the veterinary costs if one's pet becomes ill or is injured in an accident.