Term Life Insurance


    - Guaranted life cover (the life cover is payable on death within the term of the plan).

    - Permanent and total disability.

    - Accidental death double indemnity.

    - Passive war risk.


    - Application form.

    - Physical examination including microscopic urinalysis.

    - Chest X-Ray.

    - ECG, resting and effort , except for lives aged 35 or less where an echocardiogram is required.

    - Pulmonary function tests including FVC,FEV1,PEFR.

    - Full blood tests including FBC,ESR,LIPIDS,KET'S ,GTT AND PSA for males aged over 50.


    - HIV-HIV(1&2) blood test is required for sums assured in excess of USD 300,000 and for all ages.

    - FQ- Financial questionere completed and signed by applicant is required for sums assured in excess of USD 500,000.

    - FE- Financial Evidence by a third party (letter from lending bank , auditor's letter or report etc...) is required for sums assured inexcess of USD 1,000,000.

    - KM- A three year's company report and accounts will be required for business /Keyman cover in excess of USD 2,000,000.


Housekeepers And Workers Policies.

Life & Health

Life & Health Insurance Life Insurance Protects the People and Things You Love.


Marine insurance is actually transportation insurance.

Fire & Burglary

Construction - Contents - Owner's liability - Neighbor recourse - Loss of profit - Architect fees – Others.


Two main types of contracts -Homeowner's and Commercial- have been developed to insure against loss from accidental destruction of property.


Liability insurance arises mainly from the operation of the law of negligence.


Pet Insurance pays the veterinary costs if one's pet becomes ill or is injured in an accident.